I have a thing for older men.

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You bitch

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MONDAY, OCTOBER 6, 9pm on The CW

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Ladies… :)

Writers, so help me god if you do something horrible to these two adorable ladies!!!! 

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Andrew Lincoln + TV Guide Magazine Covers

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Interview: Cillian Murphy Talks Peaky Blinders Man Crushes and Bad Haircuts


You’re working alongside the likes of Sam Neill and in the new series, Tom Hardy. Who’s your best mate on set?
I hate them all equally.

Nah. Inevitably you form close bonds with people you’re working with for months on end so we’re all really good friends. Obviously I’ve known Tom for years from working on Batman and Inception together, and Sam Neill is so lovely to hang out with. To be honest, I’ve got a bit of a man-crush on him. The deep hatred my character has for him in the series takes a lot to muster. But yeah, it’s a nice family vibe on set.

How do you enjoy playing Tommy?
He’s an exhausting, relentless character. I don’t think he sleeps, and I like sleeping. He’s complex, contradictory, compelling and intelligent. Grace [his girlfriend] leaving had an effect on him. He threw himself into work, became obsessed with it, and neglected the emotional side of his psyche.

Do you do any special actor rituals to get into character?
Well first of all I get a terrible haircut, and then I got to the gym and go on all kinds of appalling machines so I look hench for the role. I’m being facetious—but while Tommy’s a very rewarding character to play, I don’t need rituals. When you play him for five months, by sheer osmosis, he gets under your skin.